Imperial Headwear with Coolcore will keep you cool during those hot Georgia summer rounds

It may look like an ordinary golf hat, but the new line produced by Imperial Headwear is much more. This hat comes with new Coolcore technology that is designed to keep your head cooler during the heat and humidity of those summer rounds.

Coolcore cap photo


So when the temperature is starting to swelter and you haven’t even seen the beverage cart, your Imperial Headwear powered by Coolcore will allow you to chill out. The hat gets up to 30 percent cooler once it gets wet and that could come in handy on those 90-degree afternoons in Georgia.

Plus you get the classic quality and fit that always comes with a hat made by Imperial.

“Imperial’s new cooling technology has the potential to change the headwear business,” said Laura Robinson, director of retail at Pinehurst resort.

The hat features patented Coolcore material that goes far beyond traditional moisture management fabrics in terms of wicking to move sweat away from your body, moisture circulation to avoid saturation and speed the drying process and regulated evaporation for a cooling effect.

Other performance fabrics move moisture from one place to another, but doesn’t move moisture throughout. Coolcore pulls the moistures into the material and moves it throughout the hat to avoid saturation.

Another powerful point is the lack of chemicals in the product. Many headwear competitors use a chemical or an additive to enhance the drying or temperature regulation, but Coolcore’s technology is inherent in the material and will never wash out or wear out. Competitors normally begin to lose their benefits after the first use.

“This is the next generation of performance fabrics,” said Mike Wrightson, Imperial Headwear’s general manager. “Coolcore has unbelievable fabric innovations that not only wick moisture, but also lower the surface temperature significantly. This will be a game-changer in golf headwear with strong consumer appeal.”

The chemical-free Coolcore technology will kick in once you start to sweat (or if you dip the hat in water) and activate the process.

The hats made their debt at this year’s PGA Show and should be available at a pro shop or specialty store in your area.

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