McDonald breathes life into ‘The Squeeze’

The Squeeze

The Squeeze

If you liked the Shooter McGavin character in “Happy Gilmore,” you’ll likely enjoy Christopher McDonald’s nefarious “Riverboat” in “The Squeeze,” which was released in theaters, on-demand and on iTunes and will be available on DVD on June 9.

McDonald tempts a young golfer (Jeremy Sumpter) from a small town to join him in a series of high-stakes golf matches. The stakes continue to increase until the “life or death” ending that is likely to surprise.

Unlike most golf movies, this one uses actors with actual golfing skills. Sumpter has a plus-1.2 handicap at his home course in California. And one of the trick shots he executed in the movie helped him convince writer and director Terry Jastrow to cast him in the role. Even Jillian Murray, who plays Sumpter’s love interest in the movie, took lessons for two months and has a respectable swing.

But Christopher McDonald is the actor who carries the movie. He has some particularly interesting scenes with Michael Nouri, who embraces his role as a real heel. Their scene at the poker table is mesmerizing and sets up the final showdown.

The movie has received positive reception from those within the golfing community. Notables like Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Tom Watson have given it their seal of approval.

The DVD will make a nice gift for any mom or dad who plays golf, paricularly as a present on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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