New ProPlay Ball Cleaning Wipes, Grip Cleaning Wipes make golf a cleaner game

Found a couple of nice new products that will help you keep your golf balls cleaner and your grips stickier. You can thank entrepreneur — and avid golfer — John LeRoy, who has created a couple of products that will make life easier for golfers.

The ProPlay Ball and Club Cleaning Wipes will make the dirt and grass stains on your golf balls disappear. You won’t get angry when the ball washers are empty — or non-existent — and you will never need to clean a ball and wipe it on your trousers.

The ProPlay Club Grip Cleaning Wipes will restore the tacky feel to your grips.They will work on any sort of grip, from leather to rubber. No need to scrub your grips with a bucket of soap and water. These handy grips make the chore a lot easier and they work like a charm.

Learn more about both these great products at

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