Jason Bohn: Remembering Arnold Palmer

thumb_Bohn_Jason_15BARIn 2006, playing in his first Masters, Jason Bohn was playing a practice round and found the pinestraw on the right side of the 18th hole.

“Up ahead there was a golf cart with two green jackets and I started yelling, ‘Heads up, coming at you.’ And they come around it’s Mr. Palmer.

“I said, Arnie, I’m playing this little match now, so let me ask you: Would you just lay this up or would you try to hit a big cut and slide it around that tree and try to get it in that greenside bunker? He looked at me and said, ‘I wouldn’t hit it here in the first place.’

My teacher Scott Hamilton was  in gallery taking pictures of all of this, so I’ve got a great picture of Arnold in the golf cart explaining all of this to me. “

Bohn on Interaction with family

“In 2014 I had my kids with me at Bay Hill and we were the dining room and Mr. Palmer was there. I just wanted to make sure both my boys got to shake Mr. Palmer’s hand because he was The King. You don’t get to shake the King’s hand very often. He was so nice to my boys and, even though they were young, they still remember shaking his hand.”

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