Swingclick a great little training aid that will improve your swing tempo, rhythm

It’s easy to get out of sync when playing golf. You lose your concentration or get in a hurry, even when playing a casual round with friends, and find your tempo all out of whack.

A new easy-to-use training aid was created to help train your brain in a way that will create the consistent sort of tempo you need to stay away from those big numbers.

Take a look at this video. Managing director Mike Quinn will demonstrate the simplicity and the effectiveness of the aid.

The Swingclick is a low-tech device. It’s not fancy, it just works. The device is easily strapped on your forearm. And once you take a practice swing, the device will click when you get to the top of your backswing. That click is your brain’s signal to start the swing. You will hear a second click at impact, with a third click when you get to a finish position.

That’s it: A click at the top, a click at impact and a click when you finish in a balanced position.

This process trans you to be in the same position on your backswing every time. You learn to listen for the click and trigger the downswing. After working with the Swingclick for about 15-20 minutes, you will be hitting the ball more consistently. Your tempo will be improved. Your rhythm will be enhanced.

Funny, but when you’re on the golf course and you aren’t even wearing the Swingclick, you can hear that click inside your head.

Because the device is adjustable, you can set it to help your tempo when hitting chip shots and bunker shots. You can also set it to help with half swings for shorter shots.

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